Tommy Kelly is an American singer-songwriter from Terre Haute, Indiana.  

At 33, Kelly is a seasoned performer.  Since he was seventeen his voice has gripped audiences, taking the stage as front man to cover bands and rocking out not-too-unlike his early inspiration, Jim Morrison.  

      But it was in Kelly's own adventure into the American west that his focus re-oriented toward songwriting and developing as a solo artist.   Fusing his love of performing, whether to a happy crowd of 5 or 5,000, with the creative thrill in writing original music, Kelly recently recorded his debut EP, "Blood Moon" at Welcome To 1979 Studio in Nashville, TN.

      Anchored by Kelly's exciting vocal range, the scope of his music - soulful, intelligent, forged with funk and laid back dynamism - is inspired by an array of artists such as Sturgill Simpson, Eddie Vedder, Jason Isbell, and Josh Tillman.